The service carries out numerous repairs of gasoline and diesel engines, oil change of manual gearboxes, complete repair of the running gear, partial electrical installations, of all types, classes and brands of cars. If we can't do something, we will most kindly direct you to professionals who will help you! We offer a number of services such as:

– Diagnosis of gasoline and diesel engines with professional diagnostics software;
- diagnosis of ABS, Airbag systems and the causes of problems with them;
– Ultrasonic cleaning of petrol nozzles with a special detergent, assembly and disassembly, new gaskets for nozzles;
– Assembly and disassembly of diesel nozzles, replacement of gaskets, seals and fuel lines;
– Airbrushing (painting on any surface), for more information Airbrushing;
– partial restoration (scratches, various cosmetic defects);
– Representative of Hado motor oils and additives; Bardahl, Wynn's, Liqu moly;
– Professional installation of parktronic systems, multimedia, reversing camera;
– Inspection and repair of running gear;
– Technical service of gasoline and diesel engines;
– Replacement of consumables for your car, offer for auto parts; Oversized auto parts;

– Original, alternative auto parts, hydraulic, transmission and engine oils;
– Service reset after oil change; reset adaptations; unlocking extras via VCDS for the VAG group of cars;
– DPF installation and disassembly, we can assist with cleaning or software removal;
– Change of manual gearbox (some automatic). We do not offer repair, only replacement.
– Repair of electrical installation, electrical system of headlights, car doors.



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