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Hello, my name is Valentin! I was born in Bulgaria, but for the last 20 years I have been living in Spain. I have graduated with a degree in electromechanics and auto mechanics.

My passion for cars appeared 10 years ago, and I subsequently started chiptuning and reprogramming cars as well as automatic transmissions.

I have been a professional with licensed software for 5 years. I have a number of certificates and have gained experience from highly qualified specialists abroad.

I returned to Bulgaria 2 years ago with the idea of developing in my home country and expanding my knowledge.

With us at "Daga Avto" EOOD, you will receive the right attitude, quality and competent solution to the problem of your car!


Depending on the board computer (ECU) of the car, the time to perform a given service is determined, on the day or within 2-3 days, and according to the complexity of the given manipulation, the price is also determined. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


IMPORTANT: Before each manipulation, the state of every single mechanical detail on the car is being tested.


NEW : We offer on-site service for heavy duty and agricultural machinery such as increasing power and torque for lighter work.





Stage 1/2/3 Power enhancement in three levels.


Stage 1 – Tuning the engine without any hardware upgrades unlocking the potential of the car which is software limited from the factory.


Stage 2 Stage 2 – Tuning the engine with slight improvements like for example on a diesel car: bigger turbocharger, nozzles, intercooler, downpipe instead of catalyst/ DPF. For gasoline: sports exhausts, sports intake system, larger intake manifold, other camshafts with a larger angle, change of pistons in order to increase the working volume of the cylinders, etc.


Stage 3 – Tuning the engine when all parts have been replaced with sports ones custom made for it.


Shutdown of DPF/FAP/EGR systems/TVA (diesel), Lambda (O2) sensor, AdBlue system, Swirl flaps (Swril FLaps), MAF (flow meter), (DTC) on cars that are very problematic and control harmful emissions to maximum environmental protection values.


The car board computer or so called ECU, ECM, MCU is downloaded with Alientech KESS and DFB Technology certified program, the engine file is opened and worked on with WinOLS programs and ECM TITANIUM 3.0 licensed version. A backup copy of the vehicle's original software or the so-called backup file is made before any additional intervention. This gives us the ability to restore the original condition of the problematic ECU , because we have a huge database of any car computer we have dealt with. Often motor computer defects are caused by problems with peripheral executive elements.

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