Qualified mechanics with experience in the car diagnostic center since 1992, graduated in the field of combustion engines, electrical engineering, automotive electronics.

 Ventsislav Drumev Ivanov – car mechanic


 There are no irreparable things. Everything, which cannot be repaired with money, could be repaired with a lot of money!

 It is interesting for me that at the beginning of my meeting with the client I am serious, but then the black humor is strongly manifested and I suddenly melt the distance between us and the client's concern!



Valentin Valchev

Hello, my name is Valentin! I was born in Bulgaria, but for the last 20 years I have been living in Spain. I have graduated with a degree in electromechanics and auto mechanics.

My passion for cars appeared 10 years ago, and I subsequently started chiptuning and reprogramming cars as well as automatic transmissions.

With us, at "Daga Avto" EOOD, you get the right setting, quality and competent solution for the problem of your car!

More info here: Software solutions.


Nikolay Yalamov – Insurance Broker, Company Manager, Airbrush Artist

I am the first person you will meet when you come to the "Daga Avto" EOOD- auto diagnostic point! I always try to greet and send our clients off with a smile, I stick to correctness as well as to constantly keep the customer informed about what is happening with his vehicle!

I am your direct communication partner from the beginning of the working process to its very end!


Not only the cars are my passion, but also airbrushing and bringing your imagination to reality. I have been painting since I was a child, I have my own airbrush studio in "Daga Avto" EOOD. I like to experiment with my capabilities, learn spontaneously and do weird things. You can read more about this hobby of mine in the „Airbrushing“ tab. Airbrushing.




We do the repair work- you have your peace on the road! Trust the experience!

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