Hello! My name is Nikolay Yalamov and I have been doing airbrushing since 2011. I will briefly tell you about this art, which is gaining admirers all over the world. Using an airbrush (looks like a miniature paint gun), I paint anything your imagination could come up with. I can draw your fantasies on any surface: metal, walls, wood, any type of plastic, paper, leather and others.

All prices depend on the difficulty and the size of the painting and are negotiable for other surfaces. About drawings on cars:

Negotiable prices for any type of details, walls, textiles and other surfaces!

Important! The price depends a lot on the complexity. If the drawing is simpler or occupies a smaller area, also the color range used, the price will be lower accordingly!

New : Digital painting of your photo as desired.

Regarding everything else related to a given wish of yours for a particular project, write an e-mail to or call me on my mobile phone 0885 41 72 72. You can see more of my works at: or my Facebook profile . или facebook -

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